#1 Ultimate Marriage Guide: I Do! Creating Your Happily Ever After

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I Do! Creating Your Happily Ever After

The Ultimate Guidebook was designed to help couples be fully aligned with an unshakable foundation as they create and start married life! Because we are not taught how to build romantic relationships that thrive and flourish over time, this is a must-read book for any couple that is recently engaged or newly married. This fool-proof roadmap will give you the secrets to creating an unshakable relationship together. Topics covered include communication, finances, intimacy, family and much more!

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What's covered in The Ultimate Guidebook:

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The Stages of Marriage

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Intimate Communication

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Money Dynamics for Couples

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Putting it All in Perspective

Ready for your successful, thriving and fulfilling marriage?

Dream relationships don’t just happen – they’re created.

Whether you’re engaged or newly married, having these important conversations at the beginning will set you and your partner up for a successful and fulfilling marriage!

It’s because:

Men and women are not taught the essential skills and the important conversations to have an aligned and thriving relationship that grows and stands the test of time.

Men and women approach relationships differently, and learning these differences is an essential key factor in the growth and success in your marriage.

No one ever taught us the secret to healthy communication and how it is the cornerstone to a great marriage.

But guess what?

Once you learn the secrets and the essential conversations to have...
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You will have the most ALIGNED and thriving relationship where you both feel safe and connected so you can have that unshakable foundation.

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You will radiate a CONFIDENCE that allows you to voice your needs & desires to your partner. 

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You will both know how to pour all the love you feel into your partner so you can create a passionate, intimate and  SUCCESSFUL relationship. 

And this book is going to show you how!

What you get....

60-Page Guidebook

packed full of the guidance you need delivered immediately to your inbox.

Seven Chapters

of comprehensive topics that cover all the important stuff!

Free Access

to Charlene Byar's private Facebook group for ongoing support.

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Meet the Author

Hey, I’m Charlene Byars!

Leading Relationship Expert
Certified Empowerment Coach
Women’s Revolutionary Mentor

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For over 25 years, I’ve coached 100s of women and couples on how to have an unshakable, aligned  and thriving relationship that is built to last over time.

The women and men I work with long for MORE than just a normal relationship. They crave a DEEP, intimate CONNECTION that lights them up. They want to be in a marriage where they feel safe, connected and aligned with each other. 

But over and over again, I see couples trying to navigate all the moving parts and not even knowing what conversations to have and when to have them.

Without this foundation couples are left confused, frustrated and angry, with so many expectations and assumptions, and they never even talked about the important things that all couples face.

Over and over I see amazing couples fall apart purely because they didn’t know what or how to communicate with each other.

And it honestly breaks my heart.

That’s why I created this book.

To give couples a roadmap, a guide, to help navigate through the essential conversations and all the important things that seem to not get addressed unless there is conflict.

After working with 100s of married people, it became clear that the marriages that thrive over time have an unshakable foundation from the beginning.

These are the conversations that keep you aligned and secure as a married couple. These conversations are GOLD!

This book is for you if you’re getting married for the very first time.

This book is for you if you’ve already been married before and you’re getting married again.

This book is for you even if you’re older and you’re getting married for the first, second or even third time around.

I hope you get the point! This book is a MUST read for ANYONE who is engaged or recently married!

It unlocks the key to the conversations to help you along the way towards a fulfilling, loving marriage!

Love is the most special gift we can give to another person, and holding that sacred is everything!

Protect your love and protect your marriage!

Because love is the greatest gift!


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